Steve Tuna's Nantucket Beach Fishing Adventures


It’s always a good idea to have a variety of layers with you on any Nantucket outdoor adventure. Bring a sweatshirt, a hat, good sunglasses, and clothing that will assist in protecting against sun, wind and (to a lesser extent) rain. Sunscreen is vital! Bug spray can be a necessity as well! Water shoes are suggested as we’re going to be standing at the shoreline and are bound to get wet.

We’d love to say that we do, but that simply isn’t true. We always provide the proper fishing gear and instruction for our guests. We go to fishing spots that have been productive, based upon Steve’s knowledge of the local beach fishing conditions. Our goal is to teach our guests how to safely fish in various places with the absolute best chance of hooking and catching fish, while enjoying the unique beauty of Nantucket. Steve will share some local history with his guests throughout the trip. It’s fishing, fun and, quite often, catching!

You certainly can, in accordance with the current fishing regulations. For example, a striped bass must be longer than 28 inches but no longer than 35 inches in order to be a “keeper”. We encourage catch and release practices. Steve will clean your catch for you, if you wish to take fish home with you.

Casting a surf fishing rod requires a fair amount of strength, coordination and comprehension that may be a bit beyond the abilities of a child under 12 years of age. Also, there’s a safety factor that must always be considered. Children and flying fish hooks are not a great combination. So, the short answer is that we can always discuss this further, but the ultimate answer is that we want our adventures to be safe, educational and fun for all of our guests.